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Putting fear in its place

Happy Monday beautiful, creative souls! Since my intention and mission is to free creative spirits everywhere, I'm interested in anything that can encourage and facilitate that happening. Creatives often talk about the role of fear in holding them back. And when I say "creatives," I mean everyone because you may remember that I believe everyone is creative in several ways. To be human is to be creative. So, let's get back to fear. There is much written about it, conquering it, pushing through it, ignoring it, dancing with it, etc. It shows up, particularly when we are trying something new, or even thinking about doing something different (like taking an art class for example 😊). I invite you to think differently about fear with me. First, we need to distinguish between the everyday anxious kind of fear that many of us experience and the true crisis/threat fear that we need to keep us safe in a real threat. It's the first one I'd like to explore because the second one will show up automatically when needed as proven by scientific evidence. For example, you've heard sto