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Framing doesn't have to be an expensive hassle.  I've found great, quality frames and have learned how to do it myself for the most part.  Especially since my prints come in standard sizes.  But even odd-sized originals can be framed with these options,  and it's all online!


I am sharing these resources because I know what it feels like to have artwork sit around for months (years?) because you couldn't deal with the whole framing thing.  I want to make it easy for you to buy my prints, frame them and hang them🥳 


Using a mat is a personal choice and depends on the frame and the artwork.  The Plein-Aire frames below do not need a mat because of how wide they are, the thinner frames probably do need a mat but most of these below come with one (not the last two on this list).

Gold metal frame, various sizes

Simple black frame with mat, various sizes

Floating frame for deckled edge paper

Plein-Aire Frame, various colors

Silver Orleans frame

(Please note: these are suggestions. Quality and service not guaranteed by Suzanne Allard Design.)

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