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We don't need permission to create

Permission to create and the whole notion of it has been on my mind over the last couple of weeks because I kept hearing about it from various sources. On a podcast where Matthew McConaughey talked about it, a book I’m reading (Big Magic) and some artists I follow. “You don’t need permission to create,” they essentially all said. This shot straight into my soul and then percolated there for a few days. Well of course I don’t need permission! I mean intellectually I get that, but hearing it repeatedly made me realize that for much of my adult life I have felt like I DID need permission to become a painter and boldly see where my creative spirit could take me. If I’m honest, I still get this weird feeling sometimes that someone needs to approve of and give permission for this whole creative art journey, I mean – who do I think I am becoming an artist and running an art business? Especially at the age of 50 when I’d been in the consulting business my whole career and never went to art school