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3 Captivating artists from Spain I love

Hello friends! I wanted to share some recent discoveries I’ve made of contemporary artists from Spain whose work makes my heart go pitter-patter. I also have lots of artists from Australia I love so I’ll have to feature them in a newsletter in the future. Looking at art you love and studying it can help you define your style both as an artist and/or art collector. Noticing why we like something, what we like about it, how we feel when we experience it, etc. So let’s take a look at these wild and wonderful Spanish artists. For me, what unites them is a very free sense of color and form. The styles and subject matters are different but the rich, joyful color immersion is what draws me in. I’ll share a bit about them, a couple of paintings I love of theirs and then their website or social media so you can follow if you like. I’d love to hear what you think of them and if they excite you like they do me. Enjoy these three, let me know if you like the artist features and what artists make your heart go pitter-patter – just hit reply and send me an email!

Maru Godas Maru is based in Barcelona, Spain. I took an online class from Maru and her spirit is as charming as her work. I just love her freedom and playfulness, something we all need to loosen our style and have fun while creating. She does a lot of illustration work and some murals. And she loves gouache like I do. She also loves acrylic. Here’s her Instagram.

Consuelo Mencheta I can hardly find out anything about her online, even her own website says nothing about her, just her paintings. But look at these paintings! The exuberant expression of color and just the right amount of simplification and detail for me. I’m in love! She does have a FB but there isn’t much there. I think she’s just painting amazing worlds in the studio and ignoring all of social media lol.

José Manuel Merello Was born in Madrid but lives in Valencia. His work reminds me of Matisse, the Fauves, and a little Picasso and Van Gogh thrown in but of course, his style is his own. He’s been painting for over 40 years and is known around the world. I find his work fascinating. Here’s an article about him.

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