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Going out of your mind and Lake Michigan

Hello lovelies!

We've been traveling around Michigan for the last month or so and I wanted to share some pics and some insights.

When I say "going out of your mind," I'm referring to something that can really help us grow in any creative pursuit. Instead of using your mind, overthinking, and struggling, creating is so much more satisfying and enjoyable when creating from a hand/body/heart place. I like this quote from Aristotle: "The hand is the tool of tools." When we suspend or don't participate in the mind's judgments, analysis, and constant commentary, we free ourselves to play and create more authentically.


Call it the muse, the creative spirit, flow, whatever you like - the idea is that we get out a few supplies we like, colors we like and let our hand do what it wants to do. Lately, I've been wanting to go in the direction of collage and cutouts so I'm playing with all kinds of ways to do this. I can see a class coming with all this because it's so approachable and fun! I love making things, I always have. The simple drawing, painting, and cutting out of shapes has been a satisfying tactile experience. Creating isn't only done with paint and a paintbrush of course. Exploring ideas, tools, and techniques that we're drawn to is exciting and always circles back to what we've learned and enjoyed before.


I've been lucky enough to stay for a bit at a friend's house on Lake Michigan. I set up this card table in the kitchen, got out my supplies and have gone kind of crazy with painting and cutting out shapes. Below are some pics of my setup and view. I have some other projects in the works when I get back to the studio including releasing some new prints and originals! Until then, enjoy the season wherever you are in the world and thank you for joining me in this creative adventure!

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