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A creative wave is sweeping the world

Updated: May 1, 2020

Have you noticed it? It's been building slowly, first, it was just people sending me notes that they finally have the time to learn to paint or that they are loving taking my classes with their kids and painting alongside them. Then I noticed I received more questions about supplies that I use (by the way, there are links to them all here)

Each week that goes by seems to bring more people to the realization that this is a great time to order those art supplies and start creating! Sales of online art supplies are up and people from as far as Australia, Spain, and Israel and others are taking my classes. Since my passion (along with creating) is helping others find or free their creative spirit, this warms my heart. I hope some of this feedback from my classes encourages you to give online classes a try (not just mine, there are MANY wonderful classes on Skillshare:).


"First of all, THANK YOU so much for inspiring me to start painting again! It has been over 12 years since I have painted. Being busy with raising my kiddos and family life, I had always found excuses for not creating time for me to pursue what I love to do."


"This class was really wonderful and very easy to follow. I really appreciate how the instructor discussed not just technique, but where she gathers her inspiration from for both composition and color palettes. Thank you for the wonderful lesson. I already have one completed painting plus two more started!"


"Thank you, I love what I made. Thank you so much for showing me creative expression and freedom like I've never known it."


"What a great class. I learned so many new techniques. Suzanne explains the steps so you can easily follow the process. I even went back and watched again and took notes. So glad I took this class."

This enthusiastic response and global creative resurgence have motivated me to begin producing another class. This one will be called (I think), "Paint a Stunning Bouquet." I'll teach the step-by-step process for painting this beauty below. I should be ready to launch it next week!

So while this huge change in our lifestyles around the globe has been challenging in many ways, I wanted to share something positive I'm seeing. I'm especially touched by the parents painting with their children or grandchildren. We adults can learn a whole lot about fearless creativity from kids! So as a teacher I highly recommend it ☺️

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