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Another new class!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Woot! This one will free your creative spirit for sure :). It is playful, loose, and encouraging. We use different tools to make marks and come up with two different "white space" abstracts (pictured below). This means that instead of covering the whole surface with paint, we are leaving some space empty. You can use any paint you have as long as you can make it more fluid by adding water or a medium. Even just watching the class is relaxing because of the way the paint moves and behaves with different tools.

Each one of these classes makes me feel connected to all of you who feel the urge to create but have felt too scared. I love encouraging that creative spirit that lives in all of us. Join me to play with marks, color, and shape! The supplies list is in the first few videos. I recommend watching the class through and then gathering your supplies and doing it again. Or just dive right in ;)

Link to my Skillshare classes: CLICK HERE

How my online Skillshare classes work:

When you use my link you get two free months of Skillshare premium. They will ask you to sign up with your credit card but if you cancel before the two months are up, then you pay nothing. They hope that you fall in love with the thousands of great classes and don’t cancel which is why they offer this great deal. You can take all four of my classes and many others in two months!

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