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Come paint with me - online and... free?!

I'm so thrilled to bring you this class. I put my heart and soul into it and I'm convinced it will help you paint a beautiful bouquet for your home while having fun. Grab some friends and have a painting party, either live or virtually! In the class, I paint this step by step along with you plus there is a free digital download of this piece and many other goodies. I show you inspiration, color palette, composition - all the good stuff.

But the best part? I didn't know Skillshare was going to do this but they gave me a special referral link that gives you two free months of Skillshare when you use it! You can easily finish this class in two months. I'm soo excited for all of you and can't wait to hear how you like the class and see your bouquets! Here's the link:

Suzanne's Skillshare Link

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