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Endless Song of Hope

This week I had to share this beautiful poem by Gaby Comprés. I love how she captures the possibility of a moment. We are the blank canvas, the seed, the spark or a word every moment of every day. It brings to mind the zen and yoga philosophy of beginning again. Each day - indeed - each moment is an opportunity to begin again. If we can remember that "in this moment" there is every possibility then we can stay open to opportunities that arise. We can also be more purposeful in how we want to be. This also means being quick to forgive yourself. We can't very well experience this moment if we are busy beating ourselves up over something in the past, can we? Gaby's "Endless Song of Hope" is exactly what we need in the world now isn't it? It's such a beautiful phrase, I might have to create a painting around that one! Have a beautiful week my friends and check out Gaby on Instagram! 😘

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