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How to Nourish and Energize Your Creative Self

I continue to learn about the importance of taking care of my creative self, I've observed that when I do these things, my art practice is better and so is my life. I think of these things as watering my creative garden 😊.

Habits and practices for optimal "creative health."

  • Make a big, long list of all the things you want to learn, all the techniques, skills, etc. This will be what you go to when you get stuck. I have everything from lettering to encaustic painting to how to host a paid, live session to representing myself in more licensing work on my list.

  • Be kind and compassionate with yourself, each day brings its own challenges - don't expect the same level of performance every day. When the inner dialogue gets critical and "judgey," take a deep breath, dismiss it and get to work!

  • Read something inspiring/encouraging every day, even a quote (@art2life_world on IG is good) or page of a book (I have my favorites here.). The quote at the bottom is from @art2life - I love it!

  • Develop a regular, "living sketchbook" practice for discovery, growth and confidence. My newest class focuses on this: "Grow Your Creative Practice with Sketchbooks." Try to do something in the sketchbook daily, even if it's just painting a solid color background.

  • Pay attention to the basics of eating well, exercise and enough sleep. Your creative self doesn't live in a vacuum!

  • Keep an inspiration board on Pinterest and/or saved posts on IG or FB that make your heart go pitter - patter. Colors, patterns, textures, plants, flowers, fabrics, landscapes, buildings, nature - anything that excites you or you are drawn to. When you are in a slump, look through these and pick something to work from in the sketchbook.

  • Watch videos/reels of your favorite artists to learn from them, practice combining 3 elements from 3 artists into one sketchbook page. You can be inspired by other artists without copying them - I may have to do a class on this.

  • Go to art supply stores to explore materials and supplies, ask questions and discovers something new.

  • Remember that you were brave enough to begin to express yourself creatively - that is huge and fantastic!

  • You can take breaks and rest periods but don't stop. The "War of Art" book by Steven Pressfield is great to get you going. I have a link to it here.

What are the ways you take care of your creative self? I'd love to know, maybe they will go into a future class on the subject! Just hit reply on this email and share 😀

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