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It's never to late to start creating

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

I started painting three years ago at over 50 years old! I had always liked making things but I didn't think I "had it in me"(what a crock right?) to be an artist. I became inspired by many other artists on Instagram and eventually the voice that said "why not try" got louder than the one that told me I wouldn't be any good.

At first I didn't much like what I painted but I kept at it, took lots of online classes, looked at what the artists I loved were doing and eventually developed my style. It wasn't easy or steady or all that pretty. I'll be sharing what I learned in some upcoming Skillshare classes because I kinda wish I had found the "me now" to be my guide to the "me then." So keep at it, a great first step is to hang out (virtually works!) with artists who inspire you.

This is what I'm doing in my studio these days...

This is the kind of thing I was doing a couple of years ago to explore and start somewhere.

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