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Love yourself like your life depends on it

"Love yourself like your life depends on it." That's the book I'm reading now by Kamal Ravikant. It's a poetic, tiny book with a huge message.

The bottom line? Say, "I love myself" throughout the day to yourself (even if you don't believe it) and your life will transform in surprising ways. I pushed aside my skepticism and have done this for about a month.

I can feel it beginning to crack through the well-established patterns of self-judgment, anxiety, fear, and all that lovely stuff. Ravikant says, "Beautiful irony. Fall in love with yourself. Let your love express itself and the world will beat a path to your door to fall in love with you." He was depressed, miserable, had business problems - generally disgusted with himself and he credits this little habit with saving him. It's brain rewiring, simplified to the essential. Or changing your brain's filter (think photo filter).

Here's what I've noticed. When I'm caught in a tight, anxious cycle of thinking, it somehow releases a bit. When the thoughts are about past or future worries/fears, it calms me. When I remember to say it to myself in those times, it's like something washes over me and I unclench mentally and in my body.

Ravikant also has a beautiful little question to ask ourselves when we are feeling down or in a tough place. "If I loved myself, truly and deeply, what would I do?" I like this question because if I want to eat something unhealthy or fill my time with busy work

or avoid doing my real work, it connects me to myself so I can make a better choice.

I figure what do we have to lose right? It's free, easy, available anytime, enjoyable and potentially transformative. So, repeat after me: "I love myself." Maybe even write it out and put it on your mirror :)

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