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My online painting classes are for you if...

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

  • You have no idea if you can paint but you’re willing to try because you love the joyful, colorful style.

  • You’ve dabbled in crafts and other creative stuff but never painted because it scares you. (that was me for YEARS!!)

  • You really don't want to learn to paint but would like to learn more about the process, inspiration and get the beautiful, free art downloads that are part of the class.

  • You’re a DIYer who would love beautiful pieces of art for your home and to use as gifts. (Yay, who doesn't want art that you made and you love!)

  • Your soul is itching to create but you’re scared. (Also me for YEARS)

  • You’ve done some painting and would like to learn my style of floral painting to expand your influences.

Other FAQ (frequently asked questions) about the class:

How do I get the two free months?

When you click my teacher referral link it takes you straight to one of my classes on Skillshare (you can find the others my selecting my profile on SS). You can watch the intro video and then it will ask you to sign up for Skillshare (if you don't already have an account). It will ask you to sign up for either monthly ($15) or annual ($99) with your credit card and your two free months will start. However, you can simply cancel after you finish the classes whether it takes you a week, a month or the full two months. Just set a reminder on your calendar (like I do for all kinds of free trials) so that you cancel in time. Skillshare does this because they hope you will be inspired by the thousands of class they have and won't want to cancel. You can also access each class by clicking the image of the class you want below.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online teaching platform with about 10,000 classes! It's amazing. Teachers get paid by how many minutes are watched in their classes by paying subscribers so it's a great system because it encourages teachers to produce excellent quality so they have more students.

What supplies do I need?

I review the supplies in the first couple of videos of the class, I show you everything you need and there is a supply list in the class resources. I even have links to most of the supplies on here on my website!

What do I learn to paint?

You learn to paint the pieces pictured below, depending on the class you take. I paint along with you with lots of valuable information and visual coaching.

Do I have to start the class at any certain time to get the two free months?

No, the two months starts when you sign up which you can do anytime!

Is the class certain times or days?

No, the classes run 24x7 and are divided into small sections, you can watch any time and for any length of time. Squeeze in 10 minutes on a lunch break? Absolutely!

Can I only watch it once or as many times as I want?

Well, you might get sick of my face and voice lol but you can watch them as much and as little as you like!

What's included in the classes?

There are lots of videos of me painting and talking you through the whole process. I use lots of visual coaching and encouragement. Each class is also packed with beautiful art downloads which you are free to print and use in your home (they just can't be sold).

What if I have watercolor paint or acrylic but not gouache and don't want to buy the gouache?

No worries! I've already had one student add her watercolor version of her finished bouquet in the class project section :). Use what you have - do not let that keep you from learning and growing.

I hope you realize now that if you like my work (which I assume you do or you wouldn't be reading this lol) this class is worth watching whether you want to paint or not.

My teacher referral link for the two free months is:

If you have any other questions, just comment below!

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3 bình luận

Interested! Can I sell the art that I create in these classes/tutorials?

Suzanne Allard
Suzanne Allard
11 thg 11, 2022
Phản hồi lại

If the art is not copies of my art then yes. In other words if you apply the skills you learn and create your own original artwork with it, then of course you are free to sell it. However, copying any of my paintings either in a class or outside of a class and selling them is obviously not ok (with me or any other artist).


Candy Plummer
Candy Plummer
11 thg 1, 2020

Looking forward to participating in your class!!

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