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My Top 5 Goals for Students

Well, we are heading to Virginia to house hunt for the next couple of weeks! Send house -finding energy my way lol. Wouldn't it be fun to find a country property with a barn so I could have classes in it?! I'm visualizing that and space for an amazing flower garden (with tall deer fencing of course). I've packed my mobile studio complete with my overhead phone holder so I can record for youtube and maybe work on some class videos. I'll be sketching/painting some Virginia landscapes too I hope! Now on this newsletter's topic! Some of you are students, some are collectors of my art and some are both! So I try and make these newsletters relevant to all of you. If you are an art collector (thank you very much!) then my goal is for my work hanging in your home to bring you joy, hope and peace. On the student side (also, a big thank you!), a student comment in my student Facebook Group this week prompted me to write these goals below. The inner critic can get quite feisty and negative when we try something new that we aren't proficient in (naturally if it's new to us, then by definition we don't have skills yet - no matter what it is). Too many of us set goals that are either out of our control or focused on the outcome rather than the process. So I wrote these goals to keep us all focused on our own growth and enjoyment.

My Top 5 Goals for Students

  1. Have fun and enjoy the process (I know that if I can get us to have fun, we will keep doing it and that’s my number one goal because if you keep going, you WILL grow).

  2. Allow yourself to play with color, shape and materials, gaining confidence as you play and explore.

  3. Be gentle and kind with yourself and nurture your creative spirit no matter how it shows up, let it paint/create the way it wants to, playfully (rules are not appropriate at the beginning of the creative process).

  4. Stay in your lane (swimmer or driving analogy). What’s going on in someone else’s lane has nothing to do with you, you have your own lane, wide open in front of you to discover. Just as they have their own lane.

  5. Keep creating, no matter how you’re feeling - scared, discouraged, defeated, joyful, excited, inspired - JUST KEEP CREATING. Even if you just paint a solid color background and put some blobs on it, then scribble with a mark-making tool. You will learn something every time you play!

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