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Producing crap is good

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

I'm a yoga nut. I love it. I love that it brings out all my stuff in a safe place on the mat. My type A (I'm going to do this pose perfectly!), my caring what other people think, my wanting to be a "good student," etc. When we go into a pose that is tough, my teacher Shannon always says, "go to the uncomfortable place, get out of the comfort zone and if you fall, so what!" It's how we grow, she says, by challenging yourself and going to that edge. We celebrate it when we tumble over (we do have a padded floor).

It seems to me it works just like this when we are creating. If we stay tight and safe, we won't grow, expand and reach closer to the best creative version of ourselves.

If we are practicing our creative skills, we will pr