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Q and A with Skillshare Students

I thought I'd share some of the questions I've gotten from students and my responses. As well as some of the lovely paintings they've created in my classes!

Shannon's Question:

Hi! Thanks for the great class. Hope to try it out very soon. I'm researching gouache and was wondering why you use Turner Designer Gouache vs. Turner Acrylic Gouache. I'm thinking about using my watercolor for the class with some white watercolor or white gouache mixed in to get started. Any thoughts on this?

Suzanne's Answer:
That's a great idea, if you use some white you can increase the opacity of your watercolors. It will just be a little more tricky painting on top of other colors but this bouquet doesn't have a lot of that. I actually have the Turner Acryl too and I do like it but I love that gouache revives with water, the acryl doesn't. It's also a little bit dryer feeling when you paint with it. I'm using them both now along with just about everything else to see how they work together and when to use what. I plan to make that a future class, comparing the various mediums. 

Mari Lee' Question:

Hi Suzanne, I’m loving this class! I have a question about gouache. How long do they stay wet in the small containers you have? Do you add water? Also, do you ever paint over watercolors with gouache? I’m focusing on watercolor now but I experiment with adding white gouache mixed in for the layering. Thanks and I’m excited for your next class!

Suzanne's Answer:
I'm so glad you are enjoying it :). That makes me happy. I do add water to them in the containers and they stay wet for a long time if I seal them carefully. I have found a new air-tight palette though that I also like. I have a link to it on my website Oh yes, I interchange watercolor and gouache all the time! In fact, I haven't found an indigo gouache I like so I use a watercolor one often. Adding white gouache is a great idea, it will increase the opacity of your watercolor paint.

Sonia' Comment:

Seriously, you are so so right! Unless we try, we will never know what’s hidden inside us. If we paint daily, we most definitely come up with a style because the process itself will teach us what we like and don't like ....thank you Suzanne. I took all your classes...and am happily painting away....most love the abstract work...hope to take some pictures and put it up soon....even though some are idiotic works but I love them because I can look back at them and giggle someday!!

Suzanne's Response:
Exactly Sonia, what a great attitude you have!  That's why I'm always bewildered when  people talk about my "talent."  I just don't think it's much about talent, I think it's more about desire, drive, consistency and NOT GIVING UP.  As you work through all that then perhaps you develop some talent but not the other way around.

Below are some of the garden abstracts that students have created in my "Paint an Abstract Garden" classes on Skillshare. I LOVE what they've done!

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