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Seeds of Love

Since it is the season for preparing fertile soil in our gardens I thought this excerpt from "The Four Agreements" was on point. It's about tending to our minds so that we can receive seeds of love. Especially when the focus is self-love (where all love really has to start in my humble opinion).

Ruiz talks about learning to love ourselves unconditionally, you know, not the love that is there only if we are a better artist, more successful, more fit, thinner, more attractive, a better parent, etc.

What would it look like to love ourselves, unconditionally, right now? I have been noodling on this one because I am attached to my conditions apparently! So, let's start by sending each other a wish for a moment of unconditional self-love. There are lots of you on this email list so place that wish in your palm and send it with a breath like I'm doing - can you feel the love?

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