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Social distancing evokes memories and hopes of social closeness.

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I've been wanting to express some of what is happening in our world with my art. There are so many emotions one could explore, from the tragic to the heartwarming. Stories of the incredible human spirit abound and some think we will emerge more human and grounded in what's important than ever. There is a mystery about how or if this changes us, unfolding daily.

Something I've been missing (and took completely for granted) is giving a friend I run into a hug or even standing a normal distance away from a friend and talking. (for that matter, even "running into" someone since I'm mostly at home). I even found myself holding back on hugging my daughter after she had self-quarantined for two weeks from spring break. Then I came to my senses and gave her a good, long hug. I'm not a super touchy person but having something so simple taken away is very odd isn't it?

So this painting is called "Social Closeness." I wanted it to capture that feeling we enjoy when being close and hold on to it until we have it back because it will come back.

And when it does we will experience it more richly and perhaps never take it for granted again.

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