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The comfort of rhythms and small things

Well, it's a different world than when I published my last newsletter two weeks ago, isn't it? We awake every day trying to make sense of things and the rapid pace of changes we now absorb sometimes more quickly than our brains can process. We bounce between fear, hope, faith, anxiety, calm, and simplicity. When life swirls like white water in a class V river I seek things that ground me, things that are NOT changing when so much else is. It occurred to me that there are many ways that is happening and that we can be comforted by the sameness of certain things.

Spring is here in the mid-Atlantic U.S. so gorgeous blossoms are bursting out of trees, bulbs are reaching out of the ground and birds are singing at dawn. All oblivious to our "social distancing." The weeds in my garden have definitely not gotten the "memo." Very young children keep playing, exploring their world and needing attention - perhaps wondering why they get so much time home with parents. And my animals! The cat still demands to be let in and out all day long, the dogs want to be fed and played with. I don't mean to make light of the hardship that some people are facing - only to helps us pause, breathe and notice some beauty or playfulness that is still there, in front of us, in the midst of the chaos.

We are forced to step back from the busyness of life, the appointments, the driving here and there, making decisions, making social plans - I have found some peace in that at least for now. This is a very weird time and yet it some aspects it can be a gift. Some of us are cleaning and organizing, "catching up" on various things, cooking and slowing down a bit.

If you always wanted to learn something new, now could be the time. I've been creating abstract gardens starting with pure color play and seeing where it leads. Maybe I'll do another Skillshare class on this...hmm. Even if you have limited supplies (hello Amazon), you can always make marks on paper with whatever you have! (nail polish and old lipstick lol?)

It's a great time for me to try the Facebook Live and Instagram Live that I've been putting off, I may even try it this afternoon so join me on whichever platform you like by clicking! It's also a perfect time to take my online class, with or without family members! The link to two free months is

Whatever you are doing and where ever you are, know that I am steadily creating colorful paintings, sharing them on social media and hoping to uplift us and at least for a moment have a bit of joy or a break in the worry - we are in this together. I'm sending you lots of love and would love to hear (just hit reply) what you are doing to keep yourself sane these days XO

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