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Using this strange time well

So there's the comfort zone we all know about and then there's outside the comfort zone. Well, I think we can all agree that our current reality is WAY, WAY out of the comfort zone! As in, we would love to be back facing a regular-sized "out of the comfort zone" challenge, the things we thought were scary then are kind of a joke now right?

We, humans, are actually incredibly adaptable and resourceful when we need to be. So we adjust, we start noticing that in the midst of the bad news and suffering there are some things about this situation we find ourselves in that aren't all bad. I've been connecting via Facebook and Instagram with so many people who have been thinking of learning to paint or wanted to read more or spend more time with family and now they are pursuing those things.

What I keep thinking about is how can I manage my anxiety and fear such that this time at home is actually productive and fruitful rather than something I'm wishing away? I want to look back on this time and say, "I'm so glad I didn't waste it fretting the whole time." I want to experience all the range of emotions AND find productive, creative, restful ways to spend the time.

We are being challenged in ways most of us never have, it's like an altered reality that unfolds anew every day. So we must give ourselves and others extra love and compassion. One of my favorite daily affirmations from the Dalai Lama seems even more poignant now (below).

Look for me LIVE on Facebook and Instagram over the next few weeks, we can paint, relax and brighten each others days!

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