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We Belong to Love

Greetings from Nashville!! We finally did it, my husband, son and I drove all three cars in a caravan (with the dog and cat of course) from Virginia to Tennessee and moved into our house we are renting while we explore neighborhoods and find a house to buy. So we are settled but not fully because we will be moving again.

I'm someone who really likes her home space, to feel settled and not in limbo so this time is challenging for me. I especially haven't liked not being able to fully work on my business, film more classes and paint. So I have had to learn to be gentle and patient with myself and with how long things take.

We are on an adventure after all and while wonderful unexpected things can happen on adventures, they can also get messy. Like, falling apart messy. Once the chaos went down to a simmer I started looking for a yoga studio. Yoga is available as a shining light in just about every corner of the country and I found a studio I like here which then blossomed into:

  • My reading Tim Ferris' book "Tools of the Titans," which led me to start the Keto lifestyle to see if it helps my Lyme disease (so far so good but time will tell)

  • Ferris also turned me on to Tara Brach, who does lovely guided meditations that have helped me be more gentle with myself and where I got the title to this post.

Tara says, "we belong to love" at some point in this 10 minute meditation that she calls "A light rain of self-compassion." That phrase just went straight to my heart on that day. We belong to love, not to anything else. For me, that meant that love is our natural state and all the rest of what we experience pulls us from that. That's life right? We can't stop that from happening but by simply remembering and repeating to ourselves, "I belong to love," maybe we can bring ourselves more peace and tranquility throughout our day.

If I could give you a gift, it would be that healing message. I hope you give it to yourself by listening to her meditation, she says it much more beautifully.

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