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You showed up and I thank you.

When I started this art journey a few short years ago, I was excited and scared. I was excited because I was following my passion for creating and sharing colorful art and inspiring others to create. I was scared because I had no idea if I could really make a go of art much less an art business.

Then you showed up. You commented on social media, you responded to my newsletters, you took my classes and you bought my artwork. Each time I wondered if I should be doing this I'd receive a note or comment from one of you that kept me going (and still does!). That's why I chose the tagline above, "Brave, Joyful and a Little Scared" for the creative adventure we are on together.

So, thank you! I'm grateful for the lovely comments and notes from you and I encourage you to continue on your creative journey. We will keep working through the fear and resistance together (which I still battle by the way). I couldn't say it better than Martina from Germany who sent me this note last week, notice how brave she is and she teaches herself to paint at 64 years old!

"What I love about your paintings is their brilliance and absolute free spirit, which shimmers through every brushstroke. Your color choice is so beautiful and I love your compositions.

I am a learner of 64 years. The brushes and colours find their way into my hands only in 2018, October, one year before I retired. So I have to learn everything. And I mean it EVERYTHING. I really would like to see more abstract paintings or gardens. Like I followed your dramatic bouquet in Skillshare, where I almost copied you, kind of clumsy of course, I would like to do the same with other gardens or abstracts. When done one of these given exercises I am able to use my own creativity. But I need this very special impulse and the knowledge about techniques. I love following you and I am grateful for what you do for us. You helped me to free myself. Your instructions empower me. Thank you so much. Warm wishes from Germany and please take care!"


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Jim Dodge
Jim Dodge
Mar 03, 2023

Is that your artwork in the gold frame? I love your artwork. I only ask because that style and palette is different from a lot of your other work, but it's AMAZING!!! I've wanted to be a working artist FOR YEARS but was too scared to start until I fouond your stuff. I'm taking one of your classes on skillshare.

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