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Discovering color and shape with mixed media

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Sometimes the most beautiful things are simple. Compositions that explore a variety of shapes with even a few colors can become very interesting and captivating by combining different paints, inks, and tools in a unique, expressive way. When I feel tight or pressured as an artist, or when I feel negative - this kind of work always brings back the lightness and joy in creating.

Learning to make decisions about what to combine, how to express a shape or color all require lots of play and practice not really talent in my opinion. That's what I use my art journals for. Almost every time I experiment with ideas in my journals, there is at least one thing about each painting I like. Then I can take those ideas and combine them in a painting. Or maybe just go deeper into one of the ideas. This is sounding like a class I'd like to add to my Skillshare online classes!

When we let ourselves play, like a young child, we discover things that we like and don't like. We learn how kind or unkind we are to ourselves and we learn (hopefully) how to be a better friend to the creative spirit within us. I think this is true for art collectors in how they appreciate and interpret art. When we see something that really moves us we are connecting with the creative in us, with a longing or sense that we see or feel in the art.

One of the things I love most about the abstract art I share is hearing all the comments from you (wonderful, supportive fans) on social media about what you see and feel. It's fascinating how emotion and energy can be conveyed through color, shape and materials. If you have the urge to create but feel unsure and have an overbearing self-critic in your head (as I do) the best class to start with is my "Paint An Abstract Garden" class. It's all about playing and exploring. Here's a photo series from my art journals and recent work to uplift or inspire you.

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