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New class: From Painting to Product - Simplified!

I'm so excited about this new class, "From Painting to Product - Simplified!" I can't wait to see your art on products!! You've been asking for this one for a long time. The reason it took me so long to figure out is that the process normally requires pricey software and buying a scanner and I know most people don't have those things and/or don't want to invest in them - at least initially. So I wanted to figure out some methods/solutions that didn't require those things. I also didn't want you to have to learn how to create a technical repeat pattern. I do show you how I use the software and scanner (I even simplified that!) but I show you other ways as well. In other words, I wanted to make the excitement and joy of seeing your art on products more accessible to as many people as possible! There is just nothing like someone stopping you and asking where you got your dress or scarf and then smiling and saying, "it's my design and I can tell you where to buy it!" (I sold three dresses from a casual event I attended just from one woman who approached me). So, if you're thinking of starting a side business, or just want to make really unique gifts for family and friends - this is a great option. They make amazing hostess gifts. The best thing is that once you upload your designs, all you do is order when you want something, no buying inventory and having unsold products. I'm getting ahead of myself though because in this class I first show you how to design something and capture the high-resolution image so that it can be put on many different products. So we start from a blank piece of paper and go all the way to the product. Here's the intro video to the class and/or click the button below to be taken to the info page on it:

Here are some pics I took of the various things I've had made with my designs, I bought a scarf for my Mamacita (Mom) as well 🥰

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