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The Light of Spring

Spring is making its way here in Nashville, Tennessee. It swoops in for a few days and then disappears but the birds are singing because they know it will stay soon. Clearly my heart and palette are exploding with color and freshness these days as you can see in my new work. My husband and I got away for a weekend in New Orleans and Spring was even further along there so I captured a few moments of color and warmth. My weekly newsletter has turned into a monthly one you may have noticed.🤪I'd like to get better at least at getting a quick email out to you all. Your comments and love back help fuel me to create more joyful art and classes. Speaking of classes, I'm hard at work on a new class for Skillshare and Teachable on how to use a sketchbook to grow your art practice or just for therapeutic purposes. Stay tuned, I hope to publish it in April.

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